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Case Study – Excel to Xero

  About a year ago, we had the pleasure of moving a client over to Xero – she had been using Excel to keep track of her sales and expenditure and while a very savvy operator and smart with her

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Get Setup on Xero

How to Get Setup on Xero

As Xero Certified Advisors, we have a number of businesses approach us on how to get setup on Xero.  As with all systems, there are many facets to ensuring the system is properly configured and suited to the business model and

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Xero Cloud Bookkeeping Software

Top 5 Advantages of Using Xero

  In the last 5 years, the Bookkeeping industry has seen a massive evolution in technology and disruption to it’s traditional, data entry based processes.  This increase in automation and efficiency has created a multitude of benefits for small businesses across

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Xero Bookkeeping Success

Benefits of Engaging a Bookkeeping Agency

The rise of the cloud and online service provision has changed the way we do business forever, it has enabled us to develop better relationships through social media communications and has allowed access to a massive resource sector that was previously

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Employing Staff: Superannuation Guarantee

As an employer, you must make superannuation contributions for each of your eligible employees under SG law, introduced from 1 July 1992. Currently the minimum employer contribution is 9.5% of an employee’s ‘ordinary time earnings’. The 9.5% is not payable on

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Employee PAYG Withholding Tax

Employing Staff: PAYG Withholding & Payroll Tax

Managing the TAX that you need to withhold and pay on behalf of your Employees can be a daunting prospect, understanding them is the first step.  The two main taxes employers must be aware of are PAYGW (pay as you

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Employee Pay and Entitlements

Employing Staff: Minimum Wages & Entitlements

Once you have determined the NATURE of the engagement of the individual as an employee, you need to understand your obligations and their rights under the National Employment Standards & your relevant Industry Award. The FairWork website has a fantastic

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Employing Staff

Employing Staff: An Overview of Your Responsibilities as an Employer

  As an Employer, it is crucial for you to understand employment-related legislations and your obligations surrounding the engagement of people to work within your business (employing staff). There are taxes, minimum pay, annual leave, maternity leave, superannuation and employee rights

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Understanding Profit vs Cashflow

Profit v’s Cashflow

So…if I made a Profit, why isn’t there any Cash in the Bank? This is not an uncommon question to be asked in our industry, and more recently, the struggles of small business in our current economy are bringing this

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Gross Profits

Gross Profit and Operating Profit Margins

Gross Profit vs Net Profit Gross Profit is your sales revenue (income) less the direct expenses (cost of goods sold) of your business.  Cost of goods sold are those costs related directly to the production, distribution or provision of products and

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