Frequently Asked Questions

What accounting software do you use?

We exclusively use Xero to manage all of our Clients and focus all of our staff training and research on that platform to ensure we maintain expert knowledge in-house and can provide specialist support for our Clients.

We do not manage accounts on any other platform however are more than happy to discuss the benefits that switching to Xero may have for your business.

What is Cloud Bookkeeping?
The evolution of traditional desktop accounting software into cloud based systems allows us to manage your accounts without ever having to set foot in your office and disrupt your day to day operations.

By working with Cloud Systems, we are able to eliminate headaches commonly associated with data transfers, corrupt files, incompatible systems and clunky desktop software.  It also makes for a much better use of the time we have available to us and allows us to spend more time working on your financials.

Working with the Cloud also has a number of benefits for you, the business owner.  You’re able to access your financial information, sales data, employee payroll information and even practice or storefront management systems from anywhere in the world.  Giving you the flexibility of working when you please, from wherever you please.

Why Outsource my Bookkeeping & BAS work?
When you run a small to medium size business, you need to ask yourself the question: Do I really want to employ another staff member to manage the accounts? Be responsible for their weekly wages, sick leave, annual leave, workers compensation and superannuation? Have to worry about training, their skills and knowledge, and whether they actually know what they’re doing?

The alternative is to do it yourself – but is this going to be a productive use of your time? Do you know how to process your accounts? How to manage your GST, IAS, PAYGW and SGC? Wouldn’t you rather be working towards managing your clients and working towards your business goals?

Outsourcing your bookkeeping simply means you are engaging an external agency to manage it for you, professionals who do this work for a living, are properly trained, ATO approved and registered and specialists in their field.

Visit our Services page for more details on what we can offer you and your business.

How much do you charge?
Our Clients pay a monthly fixed fee by direct debit that is in line with the scope of services we provide for their Businesses.

We do not charge hourly rates for ongoing bookkeeping or BAS work.

The fees associated with managing your accounts will vary in accordance with the particular requirements of your business.  If you need payroll, the volume of transactions you have, complexity of processing and any extra services you require such as cloud system integrations, management reporting or comparison reporting.

Please visit our Services page for an indication of the average fees associated with the varied level of services we offer or Get in Touch to discuss your needs.

We need someone immediately; can you help?
If you’re running behind in your bookkeeping, have the ATO breathing down your neck or are in all out panic mode regarding the state of your accounts, please take a deep breath and Get In Touch as soon as possible so we can assist.

Don’t leave it to fester!  We specialise in Catch Up and Rescue Work and have systems in place that enable us to get on top of your bookwork quick smart.  But the longer you leave it, the longer it will take us to get it up to date.

What if our current Bookkeeper has already left?
We have seen dozens of instances where a bookkeeper has had to move on quickly and a handover has not been possible.

During your Initial Consultation, we assess the needs of your business and determine the best method in which your accounts should be managed in order to provide YOU with meaningful information, not just tally up the figures for the tax man.

Get In Touch sooner rather than later so we can assess the situation and pounce on any issues before they arise, we love bringing systems into line and streamlining process for a more efficiently run business!

I know I need to get organised, but change seems just too hard, why bother?
The longer you leave it, the more tangled your financial affairs will become – which means more time and expense to put everything right. Far worse – without proper financial management you simply don’t have access to the accurate and up to date information you need to effectively manage your business. With every day you operate in the dark you miss out on more opportunities for development and growth.

And it need not be hard. We are experts at overhauling existing accounting functions and resolving historical issues, so we can quickly and painlessly take over the management of your financial administration.

We’ll take all the stress and pressure off your hands so you can get on with running your business, Get in Touch ASAP.

How will you get started?
Once our initial Client Establishment phase is complete, we will begin by conducting a thorough review of your accounting system and current procedures so that we can advise you of any matters that need immediate attention.

Where there are existing, historical issues present, we would estimate the time needed to resolve and bring your systems to optimal operating standards and provide you with a secondary proposal for that work.

Monthly maintenance commences from the time you accept our Proposal and formally Welcome us into your team.

So how does Remote Bookkeeping Work?
We do not come to your office periodically to sit and process your bookkeeping or prepare your BAS but rather manage it from our own offices on a weekly basis, or as your engagement requires.

We use Zoom to hold meetings with our clients, or discuss their books over the phone.  Email is relied on for audit trails and we all have our own individual login’s to your systems so you can see who is doing what.

We embrace cloud technology and use phone apps and software to enable submission of receipts, and automate as much as we are comfortable with to ensure the integrity of your data is high.

We currently have Clients all over Australia; Perth, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Melbourne, Bendigo and Sydney; whom we manage from our remote offices (Perth, Ballarat and soon Albury/Wodonga)

If you’d like to discuss how we operate with our clients further, please don’t hesitate to Get in Touch!

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