Our Mission

“To provide small businesses in Australia with meticulously managed accounts that accurately reflect their performance and give valuable insight into future business planning, development and growth”.

Meticulously Managed Bookkeeping Services seeks to provide you with access to complete, highly accurate and compliant  financial information regarding your business, and it’s ongoing performance, which can be relied upon in ongoing decision making processes, business planning, evaluation and assessment.

By embracing cloud technology and adhering to our Best Practice Bookkeeping Policy, we are able to manage your business’s bookkeeping & BAS processing in real time, which in turn permits us to provide insight and advice on the financial behaviours and performance of your business which helps identify potential issues early and opportunities for growth and development.

Having access to this valuable data allows us to coach and guide you in better money management, systems automation and overall improvement of the efficiencies within your business, leading to increased profit and a more relaxed mindset surrounding your financial position and business in general.

Contact Us if you would like a complimentary efficiency assessment of your Xero File.

(This will require full advisory access to be granted to your file)

“We help small business owners achieve the life they want to live”

Ready to get your business accounts and records under control?

What Do I Do Next?

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 1

Introduce Yourself

Get in touch via our Contact Form and we will book a virtual meeting to discuss your business and it’s pain-points.

We’ll go over things like how large your business is, the number of staff you have and what types of systems you currently have in place. We can also discuss what you’re not happy with in relation to the running of your business and perhaps what additional services may assist in streamlining those inefficient processes.

Step 2

Our Proposal

After we have discussed your business and assessed your existing systems, we will put together a proposal for services that cover all areas that require improved efficiencies.

This proposal will detail the services we will provide (as discussed with you), estimated costs and any details relevant to specialised requirements for your business.  We’ll go through any questions you may have and work on a strategy that fits your needs and the needs of your business.

Step 3

As as easy as 1, 2, 3…

Once we have formalized the basis of our engagement, it’s time for us to get to work!

We carry out your bank reconciliations every week, not once a month, regardless of the package that you are on.  We’ll be in touch after each reconciliation session with a report of out-standings, and will keep you informed of your ATO & Payroll accruals each month so you know where your liabilities are up to.

We will guide you through any processes required throughout the year, but realistically, there will be very little that you will need to concern yourself with as we’ll look after it all for you!